You’re Never Fully Dressed

I was just telling Randall last night how I can’t wait until Asher starts to smile. He always looks at me with such a serious face. His eyebrows are always furrowed. Well, this morning when I laid him down to change his diaper he gave me a huge open mouthed “I’m SO Excited to See You” smile! Followed by a few more! I’ll try to catch the next one’s on camera. You’ve never seen such a beautiful smile! (well you may have...Isaac’s is beautiful, and though I’ve never seen it in person, Elam’s is irresistable).

One thought on “You’re Never Fully Dressed”

  1. I got lucky that Benjamin smiled when I had the camera and he somehow held it for my SLOW camera! I guess now I know 4 beautiful boys with beautiful smiles, Isaac, Elam, Asher, and Benjamin (and of course the big boy Gibson). Elam smiles more than any baby boy I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to meet Asher in person! We are working on details to get to the wedding in May.

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