wow…1 week.


Asher is one week old.


Next thing you know he’ll be driving.

So how has the week been. Good. Asher is growing really well. For those who don’t know, new born’s lose 10% of their body weight the first week or so, then they get it back. Asher lost about a pound, and is now back to his original birth weight. That boy can eat!

Asher is sleeping and eating all the time. HOPEFULLY today is the last day for that Super Hero bed. I can’t wait to see what his powers will be.

Hopefully something like this:
…and Leah named him Asher, for she said, “What joy is mine! The other women will consider me happy indeed!”
Genesis 30:13

4 thoughts on “wow…1 week.”

  1. Wow! One week already! I hope I can come by & see him before he drives:). I’d love to drop a dinner off and come by for a quick visit, whenever you’re all up to it!

  2. I am sooo excited to meet him… Also, I got to sleep in the superman bed when I was a baby and my powers are slowly but surely being unveiled… Just don’t let him start twisting his hair

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