Would I?!

Everyone knows that children are, how should we say…honest.   Honest to the point of embarrassment on many occasions.  We’ve all heard the stories:

A small child is giving his grandmother a sweet hug when he bursts out,"Grandma, you have a mustache!"

I’ve been wondering what I would say when my child became embarrassingly honest…

Well, a funny thing happened on the way to the doctor’s office today.  First there are a few things you need to know about Isaac.  1. He calls all letters "I".  I guess because the first letter he learned was an I (for Isaac). 2. He can’t tell the difference between letters and numbers. 3. We go in elevators all the time and I know my kid so I’m not lying when I tell you I knew what he was talking about…

So today we got into the elevator on the way up to the doctors office and a lovely woman wearing a beautiful tan suede eye patch (with embroidery!) was waiting to go to our same floor.  She just happened to be standing next to the floor buttons and under the light that tells you what floor you’re on.  Isaac pointed over her head and said, "i, i".  And I said, like I usually do in elevators, "No that’s a number 2, not a letter."  But how embarrassing!  I know that woman assumed that Isaac was pointing out her lovely eye patch. But what do you say? "I’m sorry ma’am.  He was definitely not talking about your eye patch but the number 2, which he CALLS and eye (I swear!).  Not that it’s noticeable.  But it is a lovely patch.  Did you do that fancy embroidering yourself?"

Tell me your embarrassing kid stories so I don’t feel as bad!

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