Whoa Baby!

Well, not anymore.  Isaac is an official Big Boy! Last night Isaac slept in his Big Boy Bed all night long!  We’ve been checking it out and playing on it for a week now but last night we decided to make the switch.  Randall put Isaac down and tucked him into the sheets (he’s never slept with sheets before!).  Isaac just laid there paralyzed by the constricting sheets as he stared at the top bunk unable to close his eyes.  Randall was strong enough to leave the scared little boy alone in the dark (I was entertaining a friend downstairs).  It took about an hour for Isaac to finally fall asleep but he never got out of bed.  He slept from 9pm to 7am (we can usually get him to sleep in the crib from 8pm-7:30 or 8am) and woke up happy.  I kept an eye on him through our video monitor all night as I would get up to go to the bathroom.  He stayed in the bed and woke up happy.  We let him play for about 30 minutes before he started calling, "Down, Down".  I didn’t want him to learn how to get down by himself so I went in and got him up and clapped and cheered.  If you see him, give him a high five for sleeping in the big boy bed!

I’ll let you know how nap time goes today…

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