Toy Story 3

Spoiler Alert! See the movie.  Then read this post!  You've been warned!

I don't want to scoop anything for anyone but Toy Story 3 is now my favorite Toy Story.  It was epic and beautiful and made me cry.

It's only the second movie I've seen with my boys in the theater.  The movie was great, but I loved watching my boys watch the movie.  Asher was loud and vocal and seemed mostly interested in his snack.  Randall packed a semi healthy snack of almonds, craisins, raisins, and dark chocolate M&Ms for both boys.  Then we added a few gummy stars on top. Asher kept squealing in delight and announcing loudly that he had found, "A RED STAR" and a "A GREEN ONE, TOO!!!"  

There were a couple of intense moments in the movie so I kept my eyes on my boys.  I kept asking Asher if he wanted to sit in my lap because, well… I wanted him to.  But he was fine sitting two seats down in a big chair all by himself.  But in those intense moments I watched him squirm and moan as he rooted for Woody and Buzz.

He looked so small.  He doesn't know it, but he's still just a baby.  Isaac's getting so big but he's still got his smooth baby face.  It's the softest thing I've ever touched!  I still have so much time with my boys.  I really want to soak it all up and remember every moment.  

At the end of the movie, Andy (the Toys' owner) goes off to college and the realization of it all hits his mom as she walks into his empty room.  That was it.  My chest began to shake as I found it difficult to breath and the lump grew in my throat.  I know that will be me before I know it.  But for now.  I will enjoy every minute.  I will store my memories here and keep them close to my heart.

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  1. I felt the same way at the end of the movie! I loved how Andy’s room still had a few stars on the wall, which reminded me of nursery decorations. We have stars on our wall from nursery decorations, so I felt like the movie was already a flash forward to those college days. Ugh!

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