Things Overheard

The following things were overheard in the Littleton house today at the breakfast table:

Isaac: Asher, are you ready to play "Band" for Mommy?
Asher: Yeah!
Isaac: Ok, Mommy, you play drums and Asher plays the xylophone!

Asher: Stop looking at me!

Asher: I'm BIDERMAN!

Asher: Mommy, Isaac said, "No" at me.

Boys: Where are we going today?
Isaac: At the Magic House?!
Asher: I do!

Asher: Stop talking to me!

Isaac: Ooh a volcano!

Asher: Tabby, get out of my chair!

Knock on wood, but I think Asher is skipping the terrible twos and moving straight on to middle school.

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