The End of an Era

It has been a good two and a half years.  A really good two and a half years… but we have come to the end of an era.  Asher came out beating up his brother.  He would literally headbutt him as soon as he was mobile.  This has instilled a wonderful love of wrestling in Isaac and toughened him up a little bit. . . a LITTLE bit.

But Asher has entered a new phase of life.  He no longer calls his brother (I yI).  He's fully potty trained.  That's right.  We are now a diaper-less family.  If you see me outside of my house, you'll see me with a purse not a diaper bag!  We will never buy another diaper again (for ourselves that is).  But Asher has also become a little stinker (that's Mommy for BRAT).

While Asher used to be my sweet boy.  Constantly snuggling and telling us all he loved us.  When Isaac would do something naughty, Asher would always say, "Mommy, I not (enter naughty behavior here. Ex: whining, throwing, etc)."  Now he is the instigator.  He is constantly fighting (literally punching or just bickering) with Isaac.  It's like he's finally entered the terrible twos.

As a mom, each new phase is a new adventure.  I think I'll always feel like a new mom.  When they're teenagers, I'll be a mom of teenagers for the first time.  Currently, I'm the mom of two preschoolers for the first time.  I've exhausted my list of disciplinary actions.  I've yelled and that makes me feel bad about myself and sorry for my kids.  I've spanked and that just doesn't work and makes you feel like a really horrible mother.  I've put the boys in the naughty chair and that feels absolutely pointless.  So I broke out my own naughty and nice list in view of the season.

I made a chart and I give the boys stickers every time they are nice and we give Xs every time the boys do something naughty.  If the stickers out weigh the Xs, the boys get a treat at the end of the day.  It's worked for this week.  We'll see how long it lasts.

Being a parent is hard.  My niece in law introduced me to this book.  I just got it from the library and I'm very excited to read it with both Haley and Christy (my eldest nieces) and learn creative and ways and godly reasons to correct my kids.  I'll take any advice I can get.

PS.  I owe you about a million pictures (Halloween, Pie Night, Thanksgiving, two Christmas plays)!  They're coming.

PPS. I am the queen of parentheses (and exclamation points)!

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