Terrible Twos Suck!

You may not have heard but the "Terrible Twos" can often start as early as 18 months.  Well, Isaac is 20.5 months now and he is advanced in many areas including communication. Apparently he’s ready for the terrible twos.  Guess who’s not ready… ME!  With all the changes that are coming his way I am NOT looking forward to the continued tantrums I see everyday.  Isaac gets so frustrated at the tiniest things.  When I put his milk away he screams "NO" but he doesn’t want to drink any either.  He just wants it hanging around getting warm… And he can cry about that one act for over an hour!

You may think that my kid is laid back and cool at all times… You have no idea about the devil inside him. He rolls on the ground and kicks his feet and screams.  The other day he started biting the couch, then his finger… He’s smacked my face and thrown his toys.  With my pregnant hormones I can barely handle it. Fortunately, this behavior seems only to rear it’s ugly face before lunch. After a good lunch and a nap, he’s back to his normal cool self.

I used to nanny a four year old girl that would throw tantrums like this and it didn’t phase me one bit.  God, give me the strength, sanity, and wisdom to raise my children well.

4 thoughts on “Terrible Twos Suck!”

  1. You’re a great mom and you have an awesome boy:)! Everyone knows he’s a great kid:). Maybe he’s just more tired some days than others? Has he been doing it everyday? I finally went to the sleep doc today, I’ll tell you how it went later. Call you this week and hopefully we can hang out!

  2. I can’t believe that sweet little Isaac would even know how to throw a fit. I bet he’s been watching Randall…….hmmmmm

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