T Ball

The boys are playing their first organized sport this season: T Ball.  The jury is still out, if they're enjoying it or not.  It started off very exciting. We got new gloves and bats.  And the boys just look so darn cute in their baseball hats.IMG_6087 

We've had some hard practices.  It's rained almost every Saturday since we started.  We played one practice in the rain and all the others in the wet grass because the field was too muddy or the cold wind was blowing dirt in the players' eyes.  

Asher is a natural athlete.

 Isaac spent a lot of his first practice rolling in the dirt.
Quite a bit actually. 

But as we keep practicing, he's getting better and better.
But for both boys, t ball is a lot of playing around. 
But a lot of those kids out their are pretty aggressive.  
I didn't realize how closely 3-4 year old t ball could resemble football.  But the kids are only reflections of their parents.  A few of these kids are definitely going to need therapy.  We watch the parents get completely frustrated at their three year olds because they're not able to catch a ball or throw properly.  In Asher's team there is a dad who pushed his little girl to be faster and stronger than all the other kids. She caught the ball every time, but never gave another kid a chance to try.  That's not even how you play baseball… Needless to say, there are usually a few tears.
But I think the boys love doing this with their dad.
Last Saturday, I started practicing with Isaac, but he told me to go play with Asher and let Dad play with him.  I'm okay with that.
Asher and I had a tickle fight. Here he is "sneaking up" on me.IMG_6301 

I love my dirty, rowdy, sneaky, stinky boys.  All three of them.

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  1. Great pictures! Good time. Geez they are both adorable. I love the one of Asher with his hands on his knees squatting in front of Randall… who is also squatting. EXCELLENT.

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