Sweet Things

My Boys are rowdy and hyper and they drive me crazy.   But they are stinking sweet sometimes, too.

You may know that Asher really thinks he is Spiderman.  To the affect that he thinks he will be protected from falling down flights of stairs and other dangerous catastrophes because he can just shoot his web to catch himself…

Anyway, as we speak the boys are playing super heroes.  They love to have someone to rescue.  They always have.  I guess we're just getting into new genres.  They shoot me lines like, "Hey Mom, say, 'My hero!'"  What they mean is, act like you're a damsel in distress in an old western.  Talk in your best falsetto southern accent and swoon because you just saw a dinosaur.  Then we'll rescue you and you can say, "My hero!"

Asher also likes to tell secrets.  He'll either call me over to tell me a secret and tickle my cheek instead, or just call me over to whisper, "I love you" in my ear.  

Asher also likes to smush your face when he's telling you something serious.

Isaac has always noticed the beautiful things in life when I've been too busy to notice.  Today we went to the park.  It was 37 degrees but we just had to get out of the house.  It's a cloudy cold day and our noses were running and our hands were cold, but both boys at separate times reminded me, "It's a lovely day today isn't it, Mommy?"  and "What a great day for the park!"  I pray they will always find the joy in life.

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