School is in, that means summer is out.  We had such a full and fun summer that I didn't get a chance to update much on what was going on in the Littleton Household.  This summer was monumental.  Randall and I were separated for a record amount of days, but we both had some truly wonderful experiences.

We were honored that ten million cicadas helped us to usher in the summer season. IMG_2278

 Our house was absolutely infested with the red eyed visitors.  Every step I took, I'd crush twenty beneath my feet.  I took it as my responsibility to the neighborhood to take a lot of powerful walks around my yard.  I also came up with an exciting new game once they started to fly!


Remember this game in thirteen years!  Everyone's a winner!

Our first trip of the summer was to Rocklahoma in Pryor, America!  


We visited our friends John and Korey at the famous rock festival and had quite an experience that Randall and I will never forget (although we've been praying fervently that Isaac and Asher already have forgotten some of the things they saw that day).

We visited with Uncle Roger's family while we were there.  We fished, we rode horses and had a grand ole time.


Shortly after that trip, I headed off to camp with 14 of my favorite 10th grade girls.  When we got back, we celebrated another awesome (in the truest sense of the word) day of baptism.  The next day Randall left for his annual work retreat at the lake.  The day he got home, I left for a different lake with my sisters and mom for our first annual Kirkland girls trip.  We had so much fun! Two days after I got back Randall left for India!  

The night before he left, he was packing and repacking his bag and making sure he had everything in order when he said quietly to me, "I don't think I'm going to make it back."  To which I said sternly, "Then you can't go!"  It was such a huge experience that he had never had before, he couldn't imagine actually going to India for two weeks, seeing and doing all that he would, and then living life on the other side of it at home in Missouri.  I let him go the next day and two weeks later he returned safely to me.  He can't wait to go back and share his experience with his boys someday.


Can you believe he didn't bring one of those precious boys back home with him?  Next time…

While Randall was on his trips, the boys and I played hard to keep ourselves busy.  We went to swim lessons (where my wedding and engagement rings were stolen.  Don't ask me about it.  I'm still upset.), the Magic House, the zoo, Grant's Farm, Purina Farms, peach/blackberry picking.


We celebrated the Fourth of July at the lake with friends.


Isaac lost a tooth.

When Randall got back the boys had a lemonade stand in 115 degree weather.


It really was a crazy but fun filled summer.  As we realized it was coming to a close and we had spent a whole month away from each other, we decided we needed to take a two week vacation (that and Randall had to use up his vacation time before it expired).

We started our trek in Kansas City at the Great Wolf Lodge hotel and water park.


Next we headed to the a children's museum in Kansas and met my new cousin Gabby, on our way to Oklahoma City to visit with Grandma.


We stayed in OKC for a couple of days and visited with all of our cousins and aunts and uncles there.  Here's a picture of Randall's cousin, Diane, playing with the boys and her Parents As Teachers stash.


Diane is fighting some mean cancer right now.  Take a minute now to pray for God to heal her completely, please.

We took Grandma and left OKC for Fayetteville, Arkansas for a couple of days to go to a baby shower from our niece, Mindi.  We then headed back to Pryor for a night and watched an outstanding Big Band Patriotic set at Roger's church!  It was a lot of fun and by far the best big band patriotic concert we've ever seen!


We left Pryor and headed to the lake for the rest of the week but stopped in Joplin on the way.  The boys and I took just 6 hours to help an elementary school get ready for kids to come back but it was another experience I'll never forget.

Once at the lake, we got all the rest of our relaxation out and had a lovely time.  We came home just in time to meet Isaac's teacher and prepare for school to start.

Sometimes I wonder where the time goes but I guess when we fill it so completely with these great activities it's no wonder that it speeds by and boys grow older without us noticing.  I am still thankful for the experiences and will take these moments to remember where God has taken us.

Details on some of these experiences to come!  (I have five and a half hours to myself each week now!)

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