Still Waiting…

I know I haven’t posted since Asher was sick (and who wants to read about that over and over until I make a new post?).  But I’m still waiting for everyone in my family to be well!

Asher got sick and had "mess" coming out of him from one end or another for almost two weeks.  We all waited on pins and needles for the next person to puke, but it didn’t happen for the Littletons.  Our housemate, Steve, however, got a little taste of the sickness (no pun intended).  But somewhere since that last post, Randall and Isaac got the flu and had fever and achiness for a few days.  Then we all got a low key cold that results in a head full of snot.  Nothing to complain about except that I’m sick and tired of being sick! 

Now Isaac is being an angry drunk.  I’m just ready to be well again!

But we really do have so much to be thankful for!  My two boys are growing big and strong and they are just the light of my life!

Asher has been climbing like a little monkey all over the place.  He’s starting to attempt the stairs (I’m so not ready for another accident prone kid yet)!  This morning I woke up and he was pulling him self up in the crib.  It’s time to lower his mattress!

He’s just a happy baby altogether!  And he’s a momma’s boy!  He’ll find me across the room and follow me around the house.  I love it!  It makes me feel special. 

We are truly blessed!

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