So I’m a liar…

Ok… So I’m a liar… But really "soon" in mom terms means sometime in the next month or two… or three…

So here are the newest pictures.  I finally got them off of my cell phone plus there are some new ones of Isaac in the snow from this week.  He kept sticking out his tongue to catch the snow flakes!  How cute is that?!  The pictures are all really random and from the past few months.  Isaac’s been eating with his fingers lately so there are some pictures of that (he’s also trying to use a spoon by himself!).  So there are some pictures of him being messy.  He often eats before nap time and he’ll rub his mouth and then rub his eye so he gets really messy. OH! and there’s this really cool picture of the time he bit my finger and left two teeth marks.  Anyway, there’s no point to this blog but to introduce the new pictures.  Have fun!Pic282

2 thoughts on “So I’m a liar…”

  1. That little boy of yours is so cute. I’m glad I got to spend some time with him over Christmas. I like the 9 month stage. He just big enought to do the cheerios, but he’s still a sweet little baby. Thanks for the sweet note on my blog. We will have to talk hair soon, AND, your hair is always perfect looking, long or short.

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