A lot of time has passed and a lot of exciting things have happened that I’d love to write about but I just can’t find the time these days.  So for the next few posts, I’m just going to give you little snippets of things that have been going on in my life these days.  So, uh… here you go…



I put the boys to bed one night, a while back.  We had our normal routine of books, prayers and hugs and kisses.  I laid Asher into his bed and pulled the covers up and he started to cry.

Asher doesn’t cry in a normal whiney kid way.  He either slowly melts into a silent, ugly cry or he furiously wipes away tears in embarrassment of his own emotion.  This night, he did the latter.

“Mom, can I sleep with you for a little bit tonight?”

“Why?  Are you okay?”

“I just don’t want to die tonight,” he said as he restrained a sob.

My heart broke, “Oh, baby!  You are not going to die tonight!” I assured him.

I lay down next to him on his bed and asked him why he thought he was going to die.  He didn’t know.  I asked if he had talked about something at church that night or if Isaac had said anything to him.  He said no.

I asked if he was feeling okay.  He shook his head “No.”  He said his throat kinda hurts.  I told him that no one had ever died because their throat kinda hurt.  I told him that people die when their heads get chopped off (ugh. I am my father’s daughter).  “Do you think your head is going to get chopped off tonight?” I asked in comic relief.

He laughed and said no.

I told Asher that he didn’t need to be afraid of anything.  That God is always with him and even if he did die, he would go to heaven to be with Jesus and there is NOTHING to be afraid about in heaven.  I told him that Grandpa Bill would be up in heaven and he could see him there.  I don’t think he was convinced that dying was a good thing.

I told him that I would always protect him and daddy would be home soon to do the same.

He hugged me tightly over and over.  He kissed my shoulder over and over.  That sweet boy has my heart!  I reassured him over and over that there was nothing to be afraid of.

In the car last Saturday our family talked about which super power we would choose if we could make ourselves super heroes.  Randall chose the power to read minds.  I told him that was an awful choice and I do NOT want to know what people are thinking.

Except for in moments like these…


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