Silence is never good with Two Boys

Remember when I did some research on how watching TV affects kids?  One thing I learned is that it can disrupt good sleep habits.  All research I read suggested that kids should not have access to television in their rooms if you want them to sleep well.  My kids don't go to sleep watching TV but they do wake up in the morning to go play Lego Star Wars on our PS3.  I think it's about the same as waking up early on Christmas morning.  Isaac gets so excited that he's up before the sun every day ready to play Lego Star Wars.  We have tried hiding the game, but he'll just get on Netflix and watch a movie.  I gave him a severe warning to not get on Netflix without our permission and he's been obeying that request, but he'll still watch a whole movie before we get up in the morning.  

Today he and Asher woke up around 5:45 and ran downstairs to start their routine search around the house for the Lego Star Wars game.  When they couldn't find it they came to wake us up and ask where it was.  We sent them back to bed and told them they couldn't get up before the sun (something we tell them everyday…)

When we finally woke up to start our day, the boys had completed a whole movie, Bambi 2.  Which apparently is hilarious.  I've never seen it…

We'll continue to try to get the boys to stay in bed until 7ish.  We've fixed their alarm clock and we'll make sure they don't take naps anymore.  We just couldn't pass up our first ever family nap time yesterday.


By the time Randall took this picture:



All four of us had been asleep for over an hour.  The clicking camera didn't even wake us up.

Anyway, that was yesterday.  Today the boys woke up before God himself, and this is what I found around 9am today:


I was downstairs and I asked the boys to start cleaning up a mess they had made upstairs.  After five or so minutes, I heard a door slam and then nothing.  Silence is never good when two boys are playing together.  So, I was sure to make some noise as I skipped up the stairs (to give them fair warning to start cleaning up whatever mess they had just made).  When I got upstairs every bedroom door was open.  Including both bathroom doors.  I looked and didn't find the boys.  They still weren't making any noise, so I called their names.  Isaac responded, "What?" from inside the linen closet.  They were in the pitch dark closet ready to take their nap for the day.

I am a firm believer that you should never wake a sleeping baby.  I'm sure you've heard that common saying, but you may have never heard it in its entirety, "Never wake a sleeping baby, but always wake squirley preschoolers that like to get up before dawn."



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