Santa in Training

Now the Littletons are all firm believers…in Santa that is.  This Christmas we started introducing Isaac to the big guy.  We read books and looked at pictures of Santa and even visited him at the mall. Isaac however read books about "Dada" and looked at pictures of "Dada" and even sat on "Dada’s" lap at the mall.  He’s getting better at saying "Santa" but his first attempt at saying his name was much closer to "Daddy" than Santa.  I thought for sure Randall had been secretly teaching him that to play a trick on me.
Isaac is finally learning more about Santa.  Today as Chloe, Stevie, and I were getting ready to take a Social Studies test, Isaac started bringing in the gifts from under the tree and passing them out.  "Goki" got a present for Uncle Russ.  "Zeezee" got a present for Kayleigh.  He would bring in a gift and we’d tell him to go put it back, then he’d come in with another gift.  I think he tried to give away Uncle Russ’ gift five or six times.  My little Santa in training is making his mommy so proud!

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  1. Isn’t it fun listening to little ones talk? Try to write or even tape what Issac says. Gibson said so many fun substitute words. (I didn’t write many down, but I think some are videoed)

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