Ring Bearer

Isaac was a studly ring bearer this past weekend. I've never seen a more handsome boy!  His cousin (once removed) Jonathan got married in Arkansas on Mother's Day.  It was an odd choice for a wedding day but it made my Mother's Day! 

We got the tux only a week ago and it needed some alterations (thanks Mom!) so we didn't get much practice in it.  We didn't think it would help much anyway.  We didn't have high hopes for Isaac.  I told Jonathan that I could guarantee that Isaac would be cute but I couldn't promise that he'd make it down the aisle.  I totally forgot that Isaac would need to walk in his brand new shoes holding a pillow.  His shoes were so stiff that he sort of stomped when he walked.  They kept catching the aisle runner, too  (you'll notice that in the video).  But he made it!  Isaac was one of four of the little ones in the wedding and only he and an older girl made it down the aisle.  It was a beautiful wedding and (in my opinion) Isaac was the cutest one there!

Check out the pics and the shorts for all the cool shots.


One thought on “Ring Bearer”

  1. Ok, i’ve said this once, but that is the cutest ringbearer i’ve ever seen.
    And, actually, as crazy as it may sound…us old people…Andrew, Jonathan, Alyssa, Kari, and I are all Isaac and Asher’s first cousins, no removing to be done.
    From the almost oldest cousin Christy

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