Right Now.


Right now, Isaac and Asher are outside playing wonderfully together.  Asher learned how to swing himself this week and that's all he wants to do.


Isaac is wearing a "Bible Man" cape backwards and is using The Force to fight off invisible villains.  They are "singing" the theme song to Star Wars and have been playing and singing all morning.


Earlier this morning, they came in our room and told us that they wanted to give us a show.  They took us into a pitch black bathroom and turned on a camping lantern as Asher said, "Ladies and Gentlemen" and Isaac interrupted him by pretending to crash into the mirror and slide down it like a cartoon.  The show then involved some stage fighting and Isaac acting out the life cycle of a tree.  Seriously!  Where do they get these things!!!!

Someone asked me this weekend what my favorite stage has been with my boys.  It is absolutely, without a doubt, right now.

IMG_1067  IMG_1091



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