Potty Training

If you really wanted to know what's going on in the Littleton household, I'll tell you.  But remember, you really wanted to know…

Asher started potty training this week.  We've been looking at the potty and testing it and singing about it (I know, right?) for months now.  We rented the movies and requested the books from the library.  We have been up to our eyes in potty talk for ages. 

This week, I decided to strip the kid and let him go. On Monday, Asher had been running around half naked for a few hours, when I took my eyes off of him and went up stairs for a few minutes.  When I finally gave him that privacy, he went all by himself! 

He yelled up the stairs, "MOMMY, I PEED!"  Now that could mean a number of things to this little boy.  My first question was, "Where?!"  and to which he replied, "THE POTTY!"  He was so proud of himself!  It made me smile just to see him proud of himself!  But sure enough, he had peed in the potty all by himself! 

Now, this is practically a miracle!  The boy had never been able to communicate that he had even already wet himself, much less announce that he had to go.  So he was able to recognize that he needed to go and made it to the potty all by himself.  He climbed onto our biggest potty and managed not to fall in, as he sat down and let it go!  There wasn't even any pee on the seat or floor!  What a way to start the official potty training season!

He spent the rest of the day naked or in pull ups and managed to make it to the potty every time.  The next day worked pretty much the same, but we nixed the pull ups for training underwear (thanks Aunt Jeanna).  Asher remained dry except during naptime.  Today I took Asher to our 2 hour long Bible Study in training underwear!  He stayed dry the whole time and attempted to pee, but didn't get that privacy so wasn't able to go.  He had an accident when we got home and then two more on the floor.  THe first accident in three days didn't phase me one bit! 

I put him down for a nap in pull ups and expected him to get those wet, but instead he woke up and yelled, "I have to go potty!"  We made it to the potty with a dry pull up and Asher even peed in front of me on the potty!  Today was a successful day and gave me some hope for this potty training phase!

While I was typing this he made it to the potty on his own again!


Maybe I'll post pictures later 😉

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