This may be the last year for our plum tree. It is two thirds dead and a sore sight in our front yard. But it’s still producing delicious plums! We’ve picked about three or four sweet plums a day until today.

You know the plums will be the sweetest thing you’ve ever eaten when you touch a purple fruit hanging from a branch and it falls in your hand without any effort at all. But today we found about 20 plums waiting for us on the ground.

Now when you find a plum on the ground there’s a good chance the bugs have already gotten to it. Or the birds (darn birds).

But today is independence day. Today those plums were good. Now when they are this ripe you have to eat them immediately. If you don’t they turn to mush in a matter of hours it seems. So I turned this bowl of plums into a lovely spiced plum bread.

We’ll test it while watching fireworks tonight.



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