Pie Night Eve

Twas the day before Pie Night and all through the town

The Kirklands were stirring and making crusts brown.

With Mama in her apron and Papa in his shoes

They know full well this is no time to snooze

The ingredients were ready, the fruit was all ripe

The Pie Chart was finished, posting every pie type.

The kids were geared up for the great sugar rush. 

Heck, the adults were too, it's a great night to lush.

We'll have our ham sandwiches and a chip or two

Then we'll fill our plates up with pie out the wazoo.

So throw out that diet, make a trip to the gym

Put your turtleneck on to make your chin look more slim.

Pie night is coming, this Wednesday and then

We'll eat till we're roughly the size of three men.

We'll all get together and smile ear to ear

Tomorrow is Pie Night, it's practically here!



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