Part Two

The last post on Asher's adventures at the hospital was getting too long, so I decided to end it as we left the hospital.  But the story continues.

Side bar.  Can I be immature for a minute.  I try to write such thoughtful, endearing posts.  We need a laugh every once in a while don't we?  I had to really filter myself with the title for this one.  There are so many digestion issue related titles I could have used here instead of Part Two.  For instance: Number Two or Part Deuce.  I could have just titled this post any of the nicknames we give Asher (because of his issues) like "The Continued Saga of Toots Magoots" or "Tootie McTooterson."  Okay. I'll be done now but I'm sure you've got some of your own.  Don't you?


ANYWAY, so Asher quit crying as soon as he got in the car.  We decided to go get him a special toy at WalMart on the way home.  I do NOT spoil my kids.  Apparently that's what grandparents are for.  But I don't call a special toy for such a tramatic experience "spoiling."  All the way home and throughout the store, Asher didn't use his left arm.  He held it close to his chest so it wouldn't bump anything and refused to straighten it.  He picked out a Spiderman motorcycle toy because he was brave like Spiderman.  We went home and started playing while we waited to pick up Isaac from school.

Asher was just playing around in our play room when he found a toy stethescope.  He put it on and asked to listen to my heart.  Then he told me that he was going to be the doctor and I was going to have a son that was not feeling well.  So I played along.

Dr. Asher (in his deep "grownup" voice): Hello there where does it hurt?

Me: My son says his tummy hurts.

Dr. Asher: Where else?

Me: Just his tummy.

Dr. Asher then proceeded to use the stethescope to listen to my imaginary son's belly.

Me: How does it sound?

Dr. Asher: Bad… We're going to have to make him see his blood.

Me: But my son is scared.  Is it going to hurt?

Dr. Asher: Yes.  But you have to be brave. And I only need three. (Asher had to give four viles of blood, Dr. Asher only needed to take three from my imaginary son.)

Me: Ok he'll try to be brave.

Dr. Asher: And when it's all over, he'll get two stickers, a Spiderman and Batman sticker.

He proceeded to take the boys blood (which was really mine, he had a hard time pretending to physically check out an imaginary person) and then gave him two stickers.

Then he gave him a truck.  And then a special book.  Dr. Asher really thought my "son" deserved a lot of treats for being so brave.

Then he asked me what color my sons skin should be.  I said, I don't know what color do you think it should be.  He said red.


Later on he asked me why his tummy hurt.  I said, it could be that your tummy doesn't like certain foods.  Even though they taste good in your mouth, they may hurt your tummy.  I said maybe it's milk that makes your tummy hurt, even though we love to drink it.

He said, "Maybe it's donuts that make my tummy hurt. Cause sometimes Grandpa gives us donuts for breakfast." 

I said, "It could be.  They sure do taste good though, don't they?"

And then was sat in silence, drooling a little bit. 


I sure hope he's not allergic to donuts… We'll find out Tuesday.  I'll keep you posted.

2 thoughts on “Part Two”

  1. Well bummer to all of this. I said a little prayer for Asher. I’m so sorry he had to “see his blood.” So brave though!!! Whatever it is, I hope it can be dealt with very simply and very easily and in a way that doesn’t interrupt the fun of food for Asher.

  2. Poor Asher, and poor mom and dad! It’s almost more rough to see your baby getting poked and prodded than it is to BE the baby getting poked and prodded.
    Wish I had known all this last night when I saw you. I would have told you all this in person! I’m really really praying for some answers from this blood test for you!

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