Out for Hire

Isaac is a professional ring bearer.  He's been in six weddings now in the four short years he's been walking.  He's up for hire if anyone else wants him.  He also does birthday parties.


Jonathan and Mindi's Wedding 2007IMG_9607 IMG_9610

Nicole and Hunter's Wedding 2007 IMG_1916 IMG_1942


Sean and Madeline's 2008

IMG_6534 IMG_6619


Ashley and Nate's 2009 IMG_2484 IMG_2711


Kurt and Nastia's 2010 IMG_7998 IMG_8001


And Kayleigh and Brian's 2010 0004


One thought on “Out for Hire”

  1. Soooo cute! What a cute dude. And you are so good at doing boy hair! Spiking it up even when Asher was so little.
    On Friday, Jackson begged me to do his hair “like Dasher’s.” I tried, but it doesn’t compare. I had to use lots of product too, and it was goopy. I should probably look for different gel. What do you use?

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