New Family!

Well Isaac finally got to meet his very cool family that now lives in VA (which by the way, I hear is for lovers). Uncle Roger and Aunt Jayme, and cool cousins Alyssa, Kari and Jonathan (but he knows Jonathan already). Isaac also met a bunch of the Littleton clan. I’m sure I’ll get in trouble for not mentioning them all…so just check out the new pictures on the right.

Isaac had a wonder first Christmas. He really likes bows and paper. There were equal amounts of KU and OU gifts. He was happy that Kansas won it’s bowl game, and is looking forward to hanging out with fellow OU fans Alan, Lisa and little Dax. Dax’s middle name is Owen Field. Dax Owen Field Fortenberry.

This is Isaac and Dax:

Boomer Sooner.

2 thoughts on “New Family!”

  1. Glad you have pictures of his first fight with his cousins, or whatver they are. He threw a mean punch to Gibson’s head, but then Haven followed it up by body slamming him. looks like he bit Haven in the face later on to even the score though. I wonder who will win the next match.

  2. Yes Randall you are so bluntly true. I was waiting for jon to set up a lunch appointment with you so that I could show up but through my dismay he was horrible at it and then it was time for me to leave town. Hope the fam. is doing well (I hear it is) and will hopefully talk to you soon. Much love.

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