New Date

So I went to see Dr. John today. There’s been no change since last week.  Which is a relief to me considering Randall will be out of town all weekend. But the big news is…this baby is not going to wait until his original due date.  Dr. John is a very laid back man so you never know how big a deal something may be.  But apparently, Asher is a big baby… Big enough to be born whenever I’m ready.  So if by next Tuesday I’ve started dialating then we are going to set a date to induce labor.  If we get to pick, we’ll try to have Asher on the 10th so G & G Littleton can be here.  If we don’t get to pick, Dr. John suggested having the baby on the 8th or 9th.  So according to your guesses, Grandpa Bill may be right on the nose…

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