My Hero

Last night Randall and I participated in our church’s Baby Dedication.  We publicly dedicated Asher to God and committed to raising him with His help. It was a holy moment where the Church and our family prayed over us and vowed to do their part in helping Asher to become a godly man.

We did this with Isaac right around his first birthday.  Isaac, who was always smiling and happy was slightly whiney in front of the whole church.  He saw Grandpa in the front row taking pictures and wanted to be with him or on the stage and not in our arms.  He also broke out in little white bumps all over his face and got a fever.  We later found out that he probably had 5th disease.

So last night, I was fully expecting our sweet cuddly Asher to act on his worst behavior.  He got in a good nap and a snack.  We dressed him in a sweet button down shirt and his nice brown shoes, packed him up and headed to church.   We were sure to get there with plenty of time to check him in and take a picture.  By the time we were starting to line up with the other families, Asher started screaming at the top of his lungs and  did so for about 10 minutes.  Nothing seemed to soothe him.  I held him and gave him a pacifier.  He was writhing in my arms and passing a lot of gas.  I should have expected him to have gas or something ridiculous like this right before we go in front of the church.

Meanwhile, Randall was playing drums and wouldn’t be able to join us until the last second.  So I just bounced around with the screaming kid and laughed with everyone that passed us by and made all the other families thankful that it wasn’t their kid…

As it was time to walk into the auditorium, Randall met us at the door, saw the screaming kid and like a genius, slipped off Asher’s nice shoes.  He stopped crying immediately.  Did I ever tell you Randall was my hero; my knight in shining armor; the best dad in the world?  He was amazing! Asher was "pleasant" (or at least not crying or squirming) for the rest of the dedication. It really turned out to be a very special moment for our family that we’ll always remember and cherish. Thanks to:My_hero

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  1. I think single parents have it hard…we are lucky to have husbands who can think differently than we do!
    Glad the dedication went well…we have Benjamin’s on Father’s Day.

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