My boys

My boys are so different.  

Isaac is happy.  He's fun loving and energetic and LOVES to be with his friends.

Asher is happy.  He enjoys playing with others, but plays really well by himself.  He LOVES his "babies" and his puppy!

Isaac is a follower.  He'll do anything a friend tells him to do.  Right or wrong.  We're trying to teach him to do the right thing, no matter what everyone else is doing.  It's something we remind him of almost daily. But he really is a good big brother.  He's always teaching Asher something new, or giving him the courage to try new things. IMG_4180
Asher does his own thing.  Isaac is often following Asher!  But usually while Isaac is hanging with his buddies, Asher would rather be collecting something or playing with his toys by himself.

As I write this, Asher is playing all around me quietly by himself.  Isaac would be wanting to play on the computer or watch TV or read a book.  Isaac has a great attention span, but Asher doesn't like to sit for that long.

Isaac is my sensitive kid.

Asher is my, well, let's just say his nickname around our house is "Basher." 

Isaac will eat anything and Asher won't eat anything. Isaac is very smart and Asher is very athletic.  They are both just very different.

But they are brothers.  IMG_5305

They love each other.

And I could not love them more.

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