7 thoughts on “More Pics!!!”

  1. I love getting to see all of the pictures! He is so cute! I think I see some Littleton/Tilley in him.

  2. Congratulations Randall & Emily! Isaac is one handsome little dude! I think I can see some Bill in him, but also something about his eyes remind me of Doug and Marie. He is one blessed little guy to be born into two of the finest families I know. Yea God!!!!!! Congrats to all Littletons & Kirklands. We love and appreciate you one and all.

  3. well i showed david the pictures and he said “dude, he looks exactly like randall. like already. thats wierd.”

  4. He is beautiful and I am thankful he is all OK. Ten toes and ten fingers. A lot to be thankful for even though he might look a little like a Littleton.

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