Mini Milestones

So I thought I’d write a little to catch everyone up on the cool things Isaac can do these days. So here are his top 10 mini milestones:

10: Isaac had his first taste of daddy’s birthday cake on the first day of spring.

9: Isaac is eating all sorts of new foods.  He refuses to eat baby food he only wants what is on Mom or Dad’s plate.  He’s growing up soo fast.

8: Isaac is finally drinking from sippy cups.  It took a while to get the hang of anything other than a bottle but Isaac can now hold and drink from a sippy cup (almost) by himself.  We still need to work a bit more on tilting the cup back for more fluids. He can also drink from a big kid cup with Mom’s assistance.

7: You may not have known that this was a learned skill but Isaac can put a ball in a bowl and let it go.  He’s really understanding toys and playing a lot these days.  But his favorite pastime is crawling around the house (and up the stairs.  He crawled all the way up our stairs today!!!)

6: Isaac can actually crawl like a normal baby.  He’s been getting around for about 5 months now by doing "the worm".  Now he doesn’t get laughed at by strangers!

5: Isaac is cruising along the couches and tables in our house.  He’s starting to get more and more risky and taking one or two hands off of whatever’s helping him stand.

4:Isaac loves to make Tabby sing.  If you know our dog at all, you know she has a lovely (and loud) singing voice.  Isaac loves to sing in his highest voice to get her going.

3:Isaac can wave hello and goodbye.

2:Isaac can clap.  He loves to cheer for himself when he does something exciting.  He’ll also clap when he hears the words "yay" and "good job" (even if it’s from the TV or some other conversation we’re not a part of).

1: Isaac is officially talking.  He says (sometimes…) ball, mama, dad, yeah, duck, and quack, quack, quack (although it sounds like "gock gock gock").

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