Mexican Citizenship

Isaac and I had a great time in Cancun!  The weather could not have been better.  Isaac was on his best behavior.  He slept all through the night and woke up every morning to let me see the sunrise.  I didn’t mind because he took a good long nap every day on the beach.  We had so much fun that we seriously considered staying in Mexico for good.  Luckily about half an hour later we found the folder that contained our birth certificates and important information.  I did leave my drivers license in Cancun to leave a little piece of me in the great city.  I guess it is a good thing that the airports consider Lindenwood University as the State of Missouri’s equal.  Needless to say, we were so glad to be home safe and sound with "Daddy".  We had a great time and I’ve added another great story to my repertoire.

5 thoughts on “Mexican Citizenship”

  1. Wow! I have not been her in awhile and I missed so much! Isaac you have done more in your little lifetime than some of your old cousins have – I’ve never been apple picking – never been to Mexico – and Daniel has never flown or been to Mexico or picked apples – that I know of. Keep on having fun! Love, Cousin Christy

  2. So, Christy, what have you and Daniel been doing all of your lives?! I hope you take your kids apple picking! Mexico and plane rides we can do without, but apple picking is timeless family fun!

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