Lost in translation

Isaac is adjusting very well to his new little mimi (baby). We thought now would be a good time to give you the Isaac translation handbook.

I Zee= Isaac
Gee go= stairs (usuallly said "I zee gee go" meaning he wants to go upstairs)
Nonee= thank you
Meeeeee= please
Zozee= Sorry
Mommy= Mommy
Daddy= Daddy
Da= Daddy
Bah= Ball
Bahbe= Tabby or Button or Potty
Papa= Grandpa
Mama= Grandma
Mimi= baby (he may point to the computer and say "no mimi" meaning he wants to look at pictures of babies)
Nak= Snack
How= Hot
Ow (when said with a hand motion like he’s trying to snap)= Off
Go= Car
Boo= Book
Fow= fall (like boo fow or fow boo means book fell)
Vell= Help (he needs help with something)
Zeezee= TV
Boo Boo= Blues Clues
Bah bo= Pablo (he wants to watch Backtardigans)

I’m sure there is more, but this should get you going.

2 thoughts on “Lost in translation”

  1. This was very very helpful to me the other day when he started yelling, “I Zee gee go” over and over. Without your handy dandy notebook, I never would have figured that one out. 🙂

  2. I’m so glad you put these on here. I wish I had a list of all of Gibson’s “words” It’s so neat for them to have their own language and for you to understand it.
    One day, you won’t need to translate, b/c he will be all grown up! 🙁

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