Little Littleton

Isaac’s personality is starting to come out.  Of course he has the best disposition any baby has ever had but recently we’ve been able to see where he’s getting this personality.  He laughs like the Kirklands (it sounds more like he’s sniffing).  He’s a definite Littleton/Kirkland mix when it comes to music.  He loves to hum and sing along when we listen to music and you’ll often find him rocking back and forth or jumping (in his jumper) to the music. He loves to bang on things like his dad.

He’s really growing quickly.  Today he discovered that if he can’t reach the cheerios with his mouth, he could pick them up and put them in his mouth.  He’s been really good at picking them up and throwing them on the floor for Tabby, but today he discovered that his hands could feed himself, too!  I will put some pictures up soon.

4 thoughts on “Little Littleton”

  1. How come he’s not walking yet? Does he use that big ole tooth to drag himself across the floor? We need to see him again soon (oh yeah, and you all, too!)

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