Lesson Learned.

Isaac started biting his fingernails this year.  I don't know if it's the added stress of school, or if it's just a new habit.  He says he mostly does it when he's bored.  Everytime I catch him doing it, I politely call it out and ask him to stop.  Today I decided it was time to start implementing some consequences.

Today I decided that because Asher told me that Isaac bites his toenails, too.  I didn't believe him.  I still cut Isaac's toenails and most of them are unnibbled, but I guess I just blamed brittle nails for the breaks in the one or two broken nails.  Now I know.

I reminded Isaac that we have a dog.  I reminded him of all of the things Tabby walks on and then pointed out what is on our floor and picked up when he walks on it barefoot.  Asher says, "It's okay that Isaac puts his toes in his mouth because boys eat yucky things."

I blame Randall.  


Ok, so I can't blame Randall completely.  Please, learn from two imperfect parents.  Don't encourage any bad habits.  Even when they seem precious at one time, they just aren't that cute as they grow bigger…

One thought on “Lesson Learned.”

  1. 🙁 Bless his heart.
    I understand your concern though. I had a friend in high school that bit both her toenails and her fingernails. She threw discus on the track team and her nails were so bad that blood would often rise to the surface after she spun and threw. She also had a lot of blood stains on her socks and shoes from the toenails. It’s amazing how not good something like that can be in the long haul…

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