Keep on Keeping on.

Yep.  Still waiting. Asher’s still got a snotty nose (although it’s not as bad as it has been).  Randall’s pink eye is gone but he’s whining about a headache today.  He’s had a bad cough and sinus issues for a while.  I feel fine and Isaac is back to normal.  Someday soon, we’ll all be healthy!  Just in time for flu season.

Here’s some news about my little smarty pants:

Today I put a bib on Asher that donned a monkey face.  So I showed Asher and told him, "A monkey says, ooh ooh ah ah" and did a little monkey dance for him.  I put on the bib  and we ate lunch for about 30 minutes when Isaac and I started making monkey noises again.  Asher heard us then looked down at his bib.  I am so amazed at how much and how fast babies learn. 

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