Jinx, jinx double jinx

Sorry we haven’t posted in a while.  I think I’ve been trying to avoid jinxing myself.  Asher is such a good baby!  He eats well (very well) and sleeps well.  He doesn’t cry more than 10 minutes a day.  He only cries when he needs something and we can usually meet that need quickly and he’ll be happy again.  Currently, he’s laying on the floor wiggling around perfectly happy without our entertainment…  He makes the sweetest little noises.  Now I don’t want to jinx it because I know that colicky behavior often starts at week 3 (which happens to start today).

Anyway, Asher got out of his "superhero" bed two Thursdays ago.  We’re thinking the power he was given may just be contentment.  We’ll post more pictures soon!

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