Isaac Says…

I wish you could live with my boys.  I wish you could hear the sweet things that Asher says to me all day long.  I wish you could look at Isaac's sweet smile and goofy mannerisms every day.  That's why I've been taking note of what the boys are saying these days.  It's just so funny.  And cute.  And it makes me want to squeeze the snot out of these precious kids.


Here's what Isaac said last night as we were passing a party limo van outside of the Pageant.

"I can't wait until I'm a grown-up.  Then I can steal this car."

It took me a second, but I responded. IMG_6959

Today on the way home from school, he wanted to wait at Michelle's house for when she got off the bus.  She lives about 2 walking minutes from school but there is bus to door service for all kindergarteners.  So we waited with her dad for a few seconds while we watched the bus approach.  When it finally stopped and opened it's door, we could hear Michelle yelling from the front seat, "Our book bags are stuck together!"  Somehow, the zipper from her neighbor's book bag got caught on the netted side pocket of her pink princess book bag.  The bus driver had to get up and try to help them.  When he couldn't remove the zipper, he had to move the bus up and let the five cars behind him go ahead before he could try again.  When she finally got off, she ran up to Isaac and gave him a hesitant hug.  She was coming full force until she saw how he was awkwardly preparing for the hug.  Then she told me that Isaac said he was going to marry her.

Isaac does this really funny thing when he's embarrassed and trying to act like he doesn't really care about what he's talking about.  He shakes his head back and forth from side to side and rolls his eyes up and says in a quiet voice, "I said I was going to marry either you or Leah."  I've never met Leah, but she must be cute.  Isaac has great taste in girls.  His first girl (space) friend, Andra, from CBS was adorable!

I said, "We'll see in about fifteen years if you still want to marry each other."  Michelle's dad then responded, "Let's wait for seventeen years."  And that's when Isaac started scaring Michelle by showing her the pictures from his Creepy Countdown book.  She started screaming and running away, and we wished her and her dad a good day and went on down the street.

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