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So, I honestly want to know what you think about parenting in the news.  We’ve got stories like this one:

To be compared with stories like this one:

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Not to mention, there are parents like this out there:

Y’all better redneckognize how these decisions are affecting our children.

Y’all better redneckognize how the media is affecting our parenting!

Why is it that police are being called on parents who are giving their children opportunities to grow, and learn, and be independent in relatively safe environments (LaPorte, TX isn’t the only police department arresting good parents), while questionable parents are being rewarded with their own TV shows?

The media highlights the most interesting stories.  It highlights the exceptions to the norm.  But what we see and what sticks in our memories, are the horrible things that may possibly happen to our children.

I looked up the statistics.  Don’t look up the statistics.  The truth is, any possibility that my child could get abducted, or hurt in any way is scary.  But the statistics show that your child is most likely to be safe.

Stereotypical kidnappings happen about 115 times a year.  Total.  Not percentage, not per 10,000 children.  Traffic accidents are down since when we were growing up.

And my thought is, even if I’m outside watching and playing with my kid, if my hands are not on them at all times, I can’t prevent them from getting hurt anyway.

I have trained my children to be aware of their surroundings.  I have trained them to cross the street carefully.  I have told them about strangers and we read a Berenstain Bear book about it. The book is great about teaching children that not every stranger is dangerous but they can’t judge a person by what they look like, so it’s safest to not talk with them and certainly not go anywhere with a stranger.

I read this recently and it rocked my world.  I’ve since told my kids that strangers aren’t the real threat, “tricky people” are.  This is great information because the majority of the crimes you want to protect a child from occur with someone they know.

Okay, quit thinking about all the awful things that could happen to your children.  Let’s think about the freedom, independence, and sense of adventure that you could be giving your children by allowing them to play by themselves.

Seriously, what do you think? I’d love to hear your opinion!


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  1. I couldn’t see a link or a video for the second story (but I’m on my phone…the other 2 worked) but I SERIOUSLY sit in my driveway and let my kids ride their bikes on the sidewalk in front of our house. I can’t even imagine. Obviously the story is more that her neighbor needs to learn how to be a neighbor and the cop needs to look into the story more before flat out hauling a mom off to jail. And then you have people that get reported time after time and nothing happens.

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