I love being a mom.

Today, Asher and I walked to Isaac’s school to pick him up.  On the way home we stopped and caught some japanese beetles (the pesky little boogers that are eating my plum tree).  We smelled every daisy and day lily in our neighbor’s yard.  We poked at the bubbles in the hot tar on the street.  As we were approaching home it started to sprinkle.  Asher wanted to run inside.  But Isaac wasn’t done with those beetles.  So he and I caught a few more.  But then it started to rain pretty hard.  Isaac and Asher went inside, but there’s just something about a summer’s rain that made me want to sit on my bench on the porch and watch the rain come down.  Isaac soon joined me on the bench and Asher got tired of holding the door open for us and calling us in so he eventually sat down next to us.  We talked about how we love it when the rain makes our street turn into a river.  Isaac said he loves it when our back yard turns into a river. I, however, hate that!

We sat and experienced our summer rain.  We heard it beat on the drive way.  We saw the rain start to rush down the street.  We smelled that glorious smell, when a muggy hot day turns into a cool rain.  But then we decided we needed to really feel the rain.  I asked the boys if they wanted to dance in the rain.  They gladly jumped out in it and showed me their best dance moves.  

Here are some pictures.


75% of the fun is actually dancing in the rain.  It’s something new and exciting.  It’s dangerous and it’s rare.   But part of the fun is also drying off and putting on comfy clothes and snuggling on the couch in front of a good movie.  Which is where the boys are now.

I am SO blessed to be able to experience these times with my boys.  Thank you God for rain.  Thank you for a warm shelter from the storm.    Thank you for sweet, adventurous boys with great dance moves!  

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