I don’t know why

I don’t know why I post things like this… It’s certainly NOT to brag on my parenting skills.  I guess it’s for a laugh and to let you all learn from my mistakes.  Here goes:

So Isaac has been pretty whiney lately.  I think he’s getting a cold or teeth or just being a two year old.  I’m doing my best to deal with two screaming kids sometimes… So yesterday when Isaac was feeding Tabby (our dog) and I was making dinner, I looked over and Isaac was about to put some dog food in his mouth.  I said, "No, Isaac.  That’s yucky." and made him put it in Tabby’s bowl.  He then started to cry and get angry in one of his typical tantrum modes.  So I intervened and said, "Fine, eat the dog food, you won’t like it.  It’s yucky."  This stopped the crying and he picked up a piece and held it for about 3 minutes contemplating if he should really eat it.  I kept looking back at him to see if he had eaten it.  I didn’t know if he would really eat it, but I was sure if he did, he’d spit it out and never try it again…. That’s where I was wrong.  After a while he finally put the bit in his mouth and crunched away.  I looked at him with surprise and said, "Do you like it?!" He said, "mmm hmmm" and continued to munch away. 

I did however stop him as he started walking on hands and feet towards her water bowl…

Way to go, Mom!

3 thoughts on “I don’t know why”

  1. Wait a minute, em, I think you’re on to something here.
    I think you should encourage this kind of behavior. Think how much easier it is to care for a dog than a kid! You could feed him the same food every day from a giant bag. You’d only have to bathe him every couple of months. And you can just send him outside to poop!
    Throw a tantrum? Send him to the basement until he learns to behave.

  2. That’s hillarious! You ARE a good Mom. As a non-Mom, I’m thinking it wouldn’t be good to use that philosophy with something like a hot stove or jumping off bridges, but what do I know…

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