Recently, I was given a CD with part of Donald Miller's "Story Series" on it.  On the CD, Don (because we're on a first name basis like that) takes us back to Adam and Eve and explains that God created humans to live an epic story.  It was revolutionary for me.  I listened to it over and over because it was hard to take it all in the first time.  But I guess I left the CD on our computer desk in our office/playroom/music room and forgot about it for a while.



Because yesterday during lunch, Isaac said this:


"When I'm naked, I KNOW I'm naked."


I looked at him and asked, "Why did you say that?"  He said he found a "boring CD" and listened to it during naptime.  Apparently, Isaac's a big Donald Miller fan, too…


It just made me laugh and I thought it was really funny.  Of course that part of the talk would be the one part he thought quotable.  



I started to explain to him what Donald was talking about.  That God created us naked and it wasn't until we started disobeying him that suddenly we were ashamed of our bodies. But my boys don't know to be ashamed of their bodies yet.  They could be naked anytime and not mind at all! IMG_2497



I pray they are never ashamed of who God created them to be!


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