Happy, Happy, Birthday!!!

Isaac is the big ONE today! My how time flies…

Crawling everywhere
We'll he's almost walking
Babbling up a storm
Laughing all the time
Pointing at everything
Eating everything he can get his hands on
Playing in Tabby's water bowl
Watching Blues Clues

He also just had his first hair cut! How exciting! and yes…mom saved a lock of it.

you really should go back and read his blog. just click the archives links. It's been a crazy ride. much more to come… Check out his time flies photo album for a little history.

4 thoughts on “Happy, Happy, Birthday!!!”

  1. That looks like the coolest place to get a haircut!!!! And the haircut looks great! If they have bigger cars, I’m gonna go there next time. Izzy B is the most handsome, intelligent, gifted child in the world! I can tell by the pictures that he is going to be a great driver too!

  2. WOW! What a great little guy! We have enjoyed our visit on your BIG #1, Issac. And we certainly wish you an equally blessed #2. Your web site is really fun. The pictures of both sides of your family have been fun for us to see.

  3. Happy Birthday Issac! I hope to see you soon and give you a birthday hug! Gibson and Haven will want to hug you too!

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