Happy Birthday, Asher

Asher is officially 1.

Here is a little year in review.



February 2007:
    *Asher slowly….. makes his way into the world!
    *He’s born with a nice orange tan so we try to keep up the good looks and make him sleep on a tanning         bed.

March 2007:
    *Asher meets all of his friends and family and starts to lift his head and coo.
    *Asher starts sleeping through the night and is on record for the best sleeper ever.
    *Splish SplAsher takes a bath.

April 2007:
    *Asher starts to smile.
    *We get Asher’s frenulum snipped.
    *Asher’s first Easter.
    *Asher laughs once.

May 2007:
    *Asher starts laughing again.
    *Asher enjoys Isaac’s second birthday.

June 2007:
    *Asher rolls over!
    *We visit with friends at the lake and go swimming.

July 2007:
    *Asher’s first plane ride to Denver, CO for Nicole and Hunter’s wedding.

August 2007:
    *Asher tries "solid" foods.
    *Asher gets his first haircut (just a trim off the top, by mom).
    *Asher sits up by himself.

September 2007:
    *Asher starts the army crawl.
    *Mommy turns 25 and is officially old.

October 2007:
    *Asher takes a trip to the pumpkin patch.
    *Asher’s first Halloween and he’s an elephant.
    *Asher starts climbing.

November 2007:
    *Asher crawls like a normal baby.
    *Asher waves "Hello."
    *Asher says, "Mama."
    *Asher claps.
    *Asher’s first pie night is Chocolate Banana Cream for Teethers.

December 2007:
    *Asher stands alone.
    *Asher says "Uh-oh."
    *Asher uses baby sign language

January 2008:
    *Asher takes first steps alone!
    *Asher goes on a cruise.
    *Asher gets his first professional hair cut.

February 2008:
    *Asher turns ONE!

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