Ugh.  I can't believe it's December…  But let me bring you back to those cool days in October.

The Littletons dressed up and went trick or treating Hillsboro style!  SO fun!


I made Isaac and Asher's costumes.  And if I do say so myself, they were adorable.  What do you think?


Here they are camouflaged at Rick and Kristi Allen's house.  Can you find them?

Hint: Asher is the adorable lion on the right who's already gotten into his rat bag full of candy.

Hint: Isaac is the scary zebra baring his teeth.

Randall and I even dressed up for the Biaggne Halloween party.  I was Ugly Betty and guess what Randall was:

You guessed it!  Charlie Brown.

Here's one last full size picture of the boys' costumes and the rat bags Kristi gave them.


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