Halloween (Continued)

Now that Randall has his own blog, he doesn’t have time to post a quality blog on Isaac’s website.  So I’ll fill you in on some or our Halloween details.

I really didn’t know what to do about Halloween this year because Isaac is still to little to really enjoy trick or treating.  But I know the rules of being a good mom… You have to at least buy an outfit to take pictures in… So I started my search for the perfect costume and didn’t get very far before I found one wadded up on the floor of WalMart.  It had no tags or hanger but it looked pretty similar to our dog Tabby.  I couldn’t resist it.  Paul from the garden section helped me find a similar costume with tags (the one wadded up on the floor was the last dog costume of any kind in the store and it just happened to be 18 month, Isaac’s size!) to check out with.  I brought it home and tried it on Isaac and it was a little snug.  The zipper came all the way up to his chin.  With the hood up, all we could see were his chubby cheeks.  SO cute!

So on Tuesday Grandma and Grandpa K. wanted to see Isaac all dressed up.  They came over (separately after work) and each gave him WAY too much sugar and gifts.  Unfortunately, when Grandma came over, we didn’t have a camera around to take pictures with, and when Grandpa came around, Isaac was still eating his chili dinner so we didn’t want to get his costume all greasy. So we lack pictures of the "Tabby twins" and the grandparents.

When we finally got Isaac ready to trick-or-treat (we just wanted to show him off to a few neighbors) he was so sick of his snug costume that he started whining.  We had to give him one of the treats Grandma brought over (they did come in handy, not only to soothe Isaac but to fill the bowl after we had a record number of trick-or-treaters come to our house!).  You’ll see the pictures of Isaac with his hands in his mouth and his face covered in orange sugar.   

We must have started at the wrong time because we missed most of our neighbors. We did, however, take Isaac to a few friends houses that lived close by.  We visited Rick and Kristi (and Brett) Allen.  Brett was having a party and their house was all decked out in spooky noises, light tricks, and smoke machines!  It was really cool.  We were thankful that Isaac’s not yet scared of monsters and loud, scary noises.

When we got home, Isaac was pretty comfortable in his costume and didn’t mind wearing it for the rest of the evening while he danced around to Blues Clues and played with his pumpkin full of candy. 
In the end, I’m thankful I opted to get the costume because we got some pretty cute pictures of the "Tabby twins" as my dad calls them.  See if you can tell which one is the evil twin (hint: it’s not the one with the chubby cheeks!). 

Stay tuned for some PIE NIGHT updates!!! Here are some pictures from last year to get you excited (or jealous)!!!

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