GoteeOK…so i know I haven’t added any pics of late. To be honest, they all look like the previous ones. So we’ll start taking some pictures.

Isaac is doing great. He’s probably up to 11 pounds or so. He took his first step the other day. Well…I guess i was holding him and his feet touched the floor…but it’s a start.

I thought you would want to see the latest, so click the above pic for his latest.

7 thoughts on “Growing”

  1. With just a little more hair, OK, a lot more hair, he’d look just like Randall in the Funky Dynamo/Seraph days. Ah….those were the days

  2. Is that picture considered Child Abuse? He is much too beautiful for facial hair at his age. Wait until he is walking and dating. Love you all – see you soon – grandma & pa

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