Grandpa Bill

We are all very sad that Grandpa Bill passed away today.  We’re sad that we won’t get to enjoy him anymore.  We’re sad that our boys may not have lasting memories of him.  Bill has left a great legacy that we will be sure to pass on to our boys.

We did have a great time with Grandpa Bill this week.  Isaac really loves his Grandpa.  In the midst of everything happening so fast this morning to was so hard for Randall and I to wrap our minds around what had happened.  So it was even harder to explain to Isaac why he couldn’t see his Grandpa at the hospital this morning.  He kept asking to see him and Randall and I couldn’t say anything, but hold Isaac tight.  When I finally got my head on straight and started praising God for his perfect timing and that Bill was whole and pain free again, I had a conversation with Isaac that went something like this:

Isaac:  Can I see Grandpa now?

Emily:  No, baby, we can’t see Grandpa anymore.  He went to be with Jesus in Heaven.

Isaac:  Will Jesus make him feel better?

Emily:  Yes, baby, Grandpa’s all better now but he’s going to stay with Jesus and we won’t see him anymore.

Isaac (Jumping up and down and yelling in the hospital courtyard):  Yay! Grandpa’s all better!  Yay, Jesus!

Later on tonight…

Isaac:  Mom, can we see Jesus?

Emily:  No, we can’t.

Isaac:  Why not?

Emily:  Well, Jesus is always with us, but he’s like the wind and air.  We can feel the wind and smell it but we can’t see it. 

Isaac: Can Grandpa see Jesus now?

Emily:  Yes, he can!

Isaac:  Can Grandpa see the wind now?

Emily:  I don’t know.  Maybe…

Who knows the wonders that Bill is enjoying right now that is beyond our minds and understanding of this world but thank God for Bill’s life, and faith, and the fact that he’s experiencing heaven with Jesus right now!


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