And I got to meet Felix in November!

He started smiling while I was there.  He was a happy baby!


He got a lot of Auntie Em love.IMG_3863
He liked it.IMG_4017
Here's his proud papa.IMG_3942
And beautiful momma at his first trip to the beach.IMG_3893
Ah… That beach…IMG_3897
And some family shots:IMG_4031
And here, cautiously aware on Felix's first trip to the San Diego Zoo:IMG_3959
And one last picture of the sweet new nephew of mine.IMG_4003
He is growing so quickly.  Keep up to date on the latest of everything Felix, here.

2 thoughts on “FELIX!!!”

  1. He’s so cute.
    I had to comment here since I’m not sure how to email you. I wanted to tell you what an amazing job you did with the Snow song on Sunday at church. Your voice is so beautiful. I loved the song so much that I came home and downloaded it, and was disappointed. The recorded version doesn’t hold a candle to the live version you sang on Sunday. Your voice has much more depth and gentleness.
    Thank you for blessing us with the gifts God has lavished upon you! Keep singing!

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