The boys and I love to do experiments.  I like to think we live an inquisitive life, learning all the time.


Currently, the boys are playing in the backyard but they keep running from the backyard to the deck and back down again…

After watching them run back and forth for a few minutes (I was busy in the kitchen baking a peach cake…mmmm.. but keeping my third eye (you know, the ones moms have in the back of their heads) on them) I asked them what they were doing.  

Isaac answered, "We're doing an experiment."

"What KIND of experiment?" I asked.

"Just an experiment, MOM!" Asher retorted.

"We're taking Tabby's dog leash and hooking it up to people and dropping them off of the deck but the leash will catch them." Isaac states.

"That sounds very exciting, but you know that if you hook the leash up to a real person like you or Asher, and jump off of the deck the leash will not catch you.  You WILL break a bone."

"Yeah, we know"

"Ok, so make sure you just experiment with toys and not people, okay?"


Twenty or so minutes pass and I hear a huge crash and clatter outside.  I swiftly make my way to the deck.  "Everybody okay?  What happened?"  

"Nothing." Isaac says immediately.  

I look down, and Asher is on the ground underneath the deck.  He's standing and doesn't look to be hurt in any way.  Plus the crash sounded more like a table was overturned than a boy breaking multiple bones.

"Asher, you okay?"  

"Yeah, I'm fine, Mom." He says confidently as he runs inside the house.

That's when Isaac says, "What?  Is he bleeding?"

Asher seems to be completely unharmed and insists that nothing at all happened.  

I'm loving this latest phase, where I feel safe enough to let the boys play alone outside.  They've been entertaining themselves all day.  They've only destroyed half of the house with a huge hot wheels race track and they even cleaned up all of the pillows they had thrown around the first floor as they made landing pads to dive onto off of couches.  This really is a fun stage.  


I remember one of my first real tastes of freedom.  Back then we weren't so afraid of bad guys in our own neighborhoods (or we weren't afraid what neighbors would think of us) so kids were free to roam.  I remember packing snacks and riding my bike down to a creek on the edge of my neighborhood for the day.  I remember playing Jailbreak and Capture the Flag, hiding in the dark around the neighborhood while Mom and Dad had their Bible study in the house on summer nights.  And one of my most favorite memories of all was riding my bike with my best friend to a lookout tower miles away from the vacation home where we were staying.  We climbed it and talked and laughed for hours as we overlooked marshes and an ocean that went on forever, completely alone in the world for that day.

Kiawah Tower

These little tastes of freedom were moments of pure joy for me growing up.  They were moments that reflect how God loves us and gives us freedom.  He wants us to feel the exhilaration of that freedom and I want to give that gift to my boys.  

Maybe not quite yet though.  My watchful eye (and ear) are almost always on them.  They're only four and six years old right now…  

And they say things like, "Let's try it on Tabby next!"  as they whizz by me.

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