Doctor’s Office

So I took Asher to the Kids GI office today.  On my way there Randall called and decided at the last minute to come support us.  I didn't think he needed to come.  If it were only a doctor's visit or consultation, it'd be silly to leave work.  But it wasn't.  And I'm glad Randall was there.  Thanks, Buddy.

So we get to the office on time and sit down in the very small waiting room.  There are lots of toys and Asher is excited to play.  The window is closed at the reception desk and I can't see anyone through it.  But we're making lots of noise playing so I assumed when the receptionist was ready to greet us, she would.  Ten minutes and a potty break later, we still hadn't seen a receptionist.  Then Randall walked in and a minute later we were greeted…

We filled out the paperwork and then got called in.  Asher started to get pretty scared.  We hadn't told him much about this visit because we didn't really know what to expect either.  Asher started to cry and said he didn't want to go in.  But the nurse just wanted to weigh him and see how tall he was.  We coaxed him in and got a weight of 36.5 lbs and the height of almost 40 inches.  He's still a growing boy.

Then suddenly we were in OUTERSPACE! IMG_0822


Just kidding.  We were just shown to a room to wait for the doctor.  But we had fun in there while we waited.


When the doctor came in, wait.  I have to tell you that this was not just any doctor.  Her waiting room boasted that she had been named one of the best doctors in the US for the past three years!  There were framed magazines and awards posted all over the room.  I don't know what I was expecting. But the doctor walked in and introduced herself so quickly it took me a second to figure out what she said.  Which was fine because after she shook our hands, she just sat and stared at us for two seconds before she said, "How can I help you." 

After explaining Asher's tummy troubles for the twenty third time. She briefly told us five or ten of the options Asher may have.  1) A parasite that didn't test positive the last time he was tested.  2) A milk and soy allergy (not just lactose but milk, even when it's baked into something). 3) A gluten intolerance or 4) some other food allergy. And 5) Celiac's Disease.  Then she told us to go downstairs and get his blood drawn and then to call her back on Tuesday to get the results.  So I sat there in shock and then picked up the papers as Randall took the boy and we headed downstairs. 

We still didn't quite know where we were going.  We had failed to ask where "downstairs" the little vampires took sweet babies' blood.  Luckily, the first thing we saw when the elevator doors opened was the lab.  We checked in and waited around, avoiding the subject altogether for 15 minutes or so.

We thought now would be a good time to tell Asher what was about to happen.  Randall showed Asher all the veins in his arm and said that sometimes a doctor will stick you and you can see your blood come out.  That sounds awful in print, but it really sounded exciting the way Randall put it.

And then we got called and moved to the actual lab part and waited there.

I was so glad Randall was there at this point.  When we made the move, Asher caught on that he was about to get to see his blood and he was not looking forward to it!  He started to whimper and I started to tear up.  Randall was great at changing the subject and getting Asher's attention so he didn't look at me. 

Then I saw it.


The sad clown face painting on the wall across from me.  I mean COME ON!  Is that really what anyone of any age wants to stare at as they wait for someone to steal their blood?  But quite frankly, it made me laugh.  And the tears went away (for me anyway).

Asher was so brave.  He cried and said he didn't want his blood drawn.  But Randall held him as I held Asher's arm still while the blood was drawn.


He cried all through the procedure and all through the hospital and all through the parking lot and then as we approached the car, he squeezed me tightly.  I stood with him in my arms, cherishing every moment of the unseasonable warm weather, the cool breeze, the breath taking fall colors, and the baby that needed me holding me close.   I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm sure:  I hate these storms but since they are a necessary part of life, I wouldn't change them for the world.


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