Randall said I have to fill you in on the details of our Thanksgiving experience…

SO, it all started on Pie Night.  I was making pies and Grandma Littleton was making cookies and Randall was feeding Isaac a scrumptious lunch of a sandwich and green grapes.  The pies turned out okay, the cookies were delicious and Isaac started breaking out in hives.  You will see red splotches on his face in the Pie Night pictures.  It really freaked me out but I think the culprit was the green grapes he had for lunch.

Pie Night was quite a success.  We had 22 pies to feast on and let me tell you we feasted.  I had a taste of 5 different pies (a total of about 2 1/2 pieces).  Grandma Littleton however had a total of 7 (oh yah!) pieces of pie!!!  She made quite the impression on the Kirkland family.  Now that is the way to do it!

You’ll also see the first picture of Isaac and Asher together.  Asher is wearing a purple and pink argyle sweater.

Hours after we filled our tummies with pie, we got out on the road and traveled to Nashville to do Thanksgiving with the Littletons.  The trip was great.  Isaac was on his best behavior, despite a hacking cough and snotty nose.  Thankfully all of the 6 toddlers at our lunch had snotty noses.

In Nashville, Isaac played a lot with his cousin (once removed) Hannah.  She is the adorable curly headed baby in the pictures.  We all played a few good games of Taboo, Catch Phrase, Uno Attack, and Outburst over the few days we were there.  We opened up Christmas presents (Isaac really racked up!) and had a great time with our family.  I was most thankful for the wonderful family God has blessed me with this holiday.

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